Our Philosophy

“Children learn as they play. More importantly, in play, children learn how to learn.” – O. Fred Donaldson
At Morley Early Learning Centre we believe our main purpose is to help foster children’s growth and imagination by providing them with a safe environment that gives them many chances learn through child centred play each and every day.
Child centred play is far more than just a way to fill children’s free time. Child centred play is one of the main ways children learn from the world around them.
Our team of educators encourage your children to try new things, to explore, discover and support their curiosity in a safe home away from home environment.
Your Child was born naturally curious. We want your child to explore and use their senses of sight, touch, sound, smell and taste and by doing so your child will learn about themselves and their environment. They are constantly discovering new things or ideas – how something feels, tastes or smells; or how something works, moves or reacts.
We believe it is our duty to provide your children with a curriculum filled with ample opportunities for exploration and discovery learning. This requires lots of multi-sensory, hands-on activities and plenty of time scheduled for quality play. Simple, everyday things like playing with water, banging pots and pans or taking a nature walk outside helps stimulate children’s learning and form connections in their growing brains.

At Morley Early Learning Centre your children will engage in quality play experiences which studies have shown time and time again will make them more likely to have well-developed memory skills, language development, and will be able to regulate their behaviour, leading to enhanced school adjustment and academic learning.

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